101 Sex Positions 10 Pack

Product Description
It is surprising, in an age of great sexual enlightenment, that many men and women,erotically active for many years, are ignorant of some of the exciting positional variations available to them during coitus. Many couples have never engaged in intercourse in any position other than the most conventional, the so-called 'missionary'position. And many who use this position are not even aware that there are other positions possible,some of which greatly enhance the pleasure to be had from coitus. One of the last great barriers in modern sexuality is the concept that there is only one 'natural' position of intercourse, and that all others are either perverted or unnatural. Any position chosen by a loving couple that allows their genitalia to come into proximity, join and provide for the motion necessary to produce ejaculation is perfectly valid for the sex act. It should not matter what actual position is taken,except that there are certain positions that are more appropriate under certain conditions than others.Some positions allow greater depth of penetration by the penis than others, while some guard the pregnant woman from too-vigorous loving. These positions have their obvious uses. But many other positions a couple may choose should not be ignored. They can provide unique excitement,merely because of the novel sensations they produce, than conventional intercourse ever could. For that reason, a married couple finding their sex interest flagging might well resort to a variety of positions (and practices) that could restore their interest in each other. For these reasons, Sexual Positions has been compiled. After a careful search of older, less explicit positional manuals, it was decided that there existed a need for a book that showed the act of intercourse as it was being performed by loving couples. It was not considered adequate to photograph dolls in coital positions, nor was it thought reasonable to photograph one individual in a possible sex position and indicate the other by a drawing. Actual sex positions, using live models, were thought to be the only realistic, only accurate way of representing the broad range of positional variation available to human lovers. It is true that this approach has been used in the past, but never with the micro-sharp clarity exhibited in the photographs on the pages of Sexual Positions, nor has such care been exercised in the selection and presentation of the fantastic colour with which this book abounds. Sexual Positions is a book to be used together with your love partner if its maximum benefits are to be realised. Select a position with him or her that seems particularly exciting to you, try it during your next sexual session (though not slavishly) and determine if it should be added to your positional repertoire. If it is, even in one single instance, this fine book will more than have done its job.

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