Product Description
British pleasure brand MysteryVibe has unveiled their debut product, Crescendo - a revolutionary new vibrator. Crescendo can be bent to flex and form to the user’s body and offer countless vibrations through its app for a truly personalized pleasure experience. Designed to delight not disrupt, Crescendo was created in close collaboration with women from all ages and backgrounds. Minute details such as textures, colours, buttons, charging and even packaging have been pleasurestakingly researched and inspired by human connections, touch play and luxury trends. Crescendo is beautifully intuitive straight out of the box. Simply bend it to the shape you desire, and it will hold that shape, adapt to your body and deliver intense, directed vibrations.    The MysteryVibe App has been gorgeously crafted using cutting-edge technology. It flows seamlessly and is incredibly simple and fun to use - focusing all on play and pleasure, in your own way. The Vibe Store within the app allows you to preview and download countless new vibes to make Crescendo even more fun. Key Features It's all about me – You can change the shape of Crescendo to suit your mood, simply bend it to the desired shape and it will hold that shape until you’re ready for a change. Your pleasure, your way – With 6 powerful motors that vibrate independently, the combination of vibe patterns is limitless, allowing you to experiment, play and evolve Crescendo, as you choose. The strong silent type – Discreet yet powerful, even with six strong motors, Crescendo remains quiet, so nothing interrupts the moment.   Charged up, no strings attached – We wanted to make charging as simple as possible. Simply place Crescendo onto the charger and it will start charging. No ports, holes or exposed parts means that Crescendo is shower proof, too. MysteryVibe App – Why be restricted to the standard pulses and buzzes when you can download countless new ones. MysteryVibe App is a beautiful and intuitive interface that allows you to download exciting vibes and sync them wirelessly to your Crescendo. Available on the Apple App Store; Android Google Play coming soon... About MysteryVibe At MysteryVibe we bring mainstream talent and tech to make relationships more fun, open up conversations and empower individuals to take control of their pleasures. Our vision is to apply Big Data and IoT to pleasure, make the information openly available and support the medical and research communities to address health issues in a positive informed way. We believe that an enlightened and liberal society is a safer and happier one.

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