Product Description
The TENGA Δ (Delta) is a simple vibrator with a rotating joint for two different angles. Enjoy high-powered vibration with an easy-to-clean, compact toy! Size: 24×35×112mm Packaged Size: 30×100×160mm  Packaged Weight: 74g Battery: 2 AAA batteries Is the Delta waterproof? The angled tip is waterproof, but the base panel is not, so the product itself is NOT waterproof. How many varieties of vibration does the Delta have? The Delta is a single-speed vibrator. How do you change the batteries? Remove the base panel (battery cover) to reveal the battery box. From the OFF position, turn the base panel 90 degrees clockwise to remove the base panel. Simply remove the old batteries and replace with new AAA batteries (two required). After replacing the batteries, close the battery box with the base panel and turn 90 degrees clockwise to close. The battery life of this product is 6 hours, so please replace batteries when you feel the vibrations have weakened. Tester batteries included. How do you turn the product on? Turn the base panel (the battery cover) clockwise 180 degrees in the ON direction. To turn off, simply turn back 180 degrees. How do you use the TENGA Delta? The Delta can be used as a vibrator for coupled or solo play. Change the angle depending on how you’re using it to get the best angle for pleasure! How do I wash the Delta? The base panel is not waterproof, so please do NOT submerge the item. The angled tip is waterproof, so you may hold this part under running water. Product is NOT waterproof. Do not wash with alcohol or acidic cleaners. (Mild or neutral soaps OK) Do not boil. Can I use the Delta with lubricants or oils? Please only use water based lubricants. Oil or silicone based lubricants may damage the product.

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