Flexi Felix

Product Description
Get that spring feeling all year round with a sensual chain reaction. Flexi Felix shows that a little sense of humor goes a long way when creating a special kind of passion. The stimulating chain of beads with the sweet little beetle face is made of elliptically formed elements in varying sizes. Insert them anally and enjoy an unusually thrilling sensation. But that's just the start, because pulling it out offers even more. Bead for bead releases little waves of desire in an intensity one wouldn't expect at first glance. Flexi Felix is made of 12.6 in flexible, 100% body-friendly silicone, is easy to clean and easy to like. Not at last because of the colors available.  Thrilling insertion, extremely arousing withdrawal Extremely hygienic and easy to clean Very flexible with gentle texture Anal beads for beginners Pleasurably stimulating Chain of balls 100% medical grade silicone Smooth and gentle texture Hypoallergenic, easy to clean Made in Germany Size: 12.6 in, Ø 0.9 in

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