Me & You Massage Oil 125ml

Product Description
These wonderful massage oils from Sensuva include a special hyper-glide which has a touch of silicone so that the massage oil stays longer on the surface of your skin.  A little bit goes a long way, using less product and being able to enjoy a longer lasting massage. The entire line ranges from simple clean scents, to provacative blends including exotic florals, sweet and dark fruits, sugars and aphrodisiacs.  They are all made of natural ingredients and a blend of moisutre-rich oils, essential oils and natural preservatives.   Flavours: Pink Grapefruit & Vanilla Bean Pomegranate, Fig, Coconut, Plumeria Wild Passionfruit & Island Guava Lemon, Ginger, Orange, Vanilla, Sugar Vanilla, Sugar & Sweet Pea  

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