Mouse (Red)

Product Description
Lights Mouse perfect compliment for your computer / laptop. Designed to light up your keyboard for ideal night viewing. Modern age LED technology designed to last up to 15 years non stop lighting. Perfect on energy cost savings, designed to be powered by USB Power - 240 V Power Outlet & free standing Re Chargeable Battery Power. Take this great device any where & anytime. Features Power line independent use by rechargable battery pack Power line cord with USB - for use in conjunction with PC Power adapted with USB port (can also be used to charge other USB devices) On/Off Switch 1 Pivot Point 90° Rotation 360° Rotation of light source for light positioning Measurements Width: 75 mm Length: 285 mm Height: 333 mm Tech Specs Power Consumption 3.5W (240V/50-60Hz) Power Consumption 3.5W± (240V/50-60Hz) 3W± (100V/50-60Hz) Input Voltage DV5V, 500mA LED 21pcs LED, Cool White Luminous Flux 110± 10% Lm Illumination 800± 10% Lux (measured at a distance of 31cm) Meterials Plastic & Iron

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