Odeco Cupid Rabbit (Black)

Product Description
This rechargeable Silicone vibrator for women is going to blow your mind.  So soft and smooth you will not believe the warm velvet sensation when it enters you.  You will be awash with warm fuzzy feelings as you gush out all the stresses of your day in waves of intimate ectasy.  After being completely satisfied with your first intimate session you can explore the different vibration modes and speeds Australia ensuring that each time you use your special Cupid it will be a unique and different experience. Stylish rechargeable rabbit vibrator for your pleasures. Slight curve for sensual enjoyment.  Extra strong vibrator with silent motor ensures ultimate fulfilment of desires and multiple vibrating functions for personal secret choice.  Long life rechargeable battery ensures limitless fun and with the unit being waterproof means fun can be anywhere you desire. Measures 32-millimeters diameter by 178-millimeters length by 37-millimeters width. Pleasure is the business of Odeco Sex Toys who have been manufacturing adult toys for more than 7 years. All the best adult shops stock Odeco with their modern vibrant colors and multiple speed and mode vibrators. Ergonomically designed with a chic twist these intimate pleasure devices will ensure a holistic release of pent up sexual frustrations bringing joy to the user and their partner. Great for solo or couples play bring Odeco home to your bedroom tonight!

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