Sensual Touch (Pink)

Product Description
Your finger becomes a vibrator. This is a toy that still allows you to get a hands on approach and can provide an intermediary for those that feel a little left out of the action.  With the adjustable speed control you can transform your familiar finger into a toy of pure satisfaction.  Strap the controller to your wrist and the vibe to your finger, and begin the sensual explorations ahead. Maxpassion is the fun brand. They strive to bring passion to the bedroom for couples, solo fun and everything in between, introducing excitement to your intimate moments is their aim. Maxpassion products encompass a wide range of styles and interests from anal play, couples play, clitoral and external stimulation, and as such they make great adult toys for beginners and first timers. Let Maxpassion experience and know how bring joy and passion to your next bedroom adventure 

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