Tattoo Lover Vagina And Anal Stimulator

Product Description

The Crazy Bull Tattoo Lover Vagina and Anal Stimulator is a sex toy designed to provide pleasure through vaginal and anal stimulation. It is made of ultra-realistic TPR material, which is soft and flexible, mimicking the feel of human skin.

The stimulator features raised pleasure nubs that create an exciting texture, providing additional stimulation with each thrust. The nubs also enhance the toy's overall realism, making it feel even more like a real vagina or anus.

To further intensify your pleasure, the toy comes with a vibrating bullet that you can insert into a special slot in the base of the toy. The bullet delivers powerful vibrations that travel through the toy's entire length, providing added stimulation to your sensitive areas.

The Crazy Bull Tattoo Lover Vagina and Anal Stimulator is an excellent choice for those seeking a realistic, textured, and vibrating toy for their solo play or couples' fun. Please note that you should always use water-based lubricants with TPR toys and clean them thoroughly after use to maintain their hygiene and longevity.


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