Cum Scented Lubricant 8 fl. oz.

Product Description

Everything's better with sauce on it and the Fuck Sauce™ Cum Scented Personal Lubricant is no exception. The water-based lubricant is formulated for frictionless fun with that one-of-a-kind scent sure to wet your appetite.

The unique scent is made to arouse the senses and heighten erotic stimulation. The eco-friendly water-based lube is long-lasting, retains moisture, and offers the best glide for heightened pleasure. Expertly created by the experts at CalExotics, the water-based formula is cruelty-free, safe for all skin types, and free from artificial colorants. Blended in the USA.

How to Use: Use as needed to enhance intimacy and lubricate pleasure. Apply a small amount of water-based lube to desired area to lubricate, reapply as needed. Easily washes away with warm water.


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