RingO X3

Product Description

The RingO x3 is a convenient 3-pack of The Screaming O’s best-selling cock rings, each offering a different style, tension and intimate fit for the best results! Thanks to their simple and effective design, these rings are popular among men of all lifestyles and are the perfect introduction for men and couples trying cock rings for the first time. These convenient rings are made of lab-tested SEBS for a body-safe experience and stretch to fit almost any size member. Simply stretch the ring around the penis or penis and testicles (whichever you prefer!) and position the ring at the base of the body for best results. Each ring should feel snug but not too tight, and using a small amount of lubricant is recommended or easy positioning and removal. Choose from three unique shapes: The Firmer ring is a great starter ring with a stretchy band and narrow diameter.The Harder ring offers an extra-thick band and a narrow diameter for a snugger fit.The Stronger ring features a thinner band and extra-wide diameter to accommodate with more comfort.


  • 3 sizes for 3 sensations
  • Fast and firm erection enhancement
  • Made of body-safe SEBS for a stretchy, snug fit
  • Available in 2 colors: Clear & Black

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